Sunday, 30 September 2012

Line them up!

We talked about the kinds of line we learned from the previous weeks; children moved their arms to make vertical, diagonal, horizontal, curved, wavy, and zigzag lines.
Then, we had a discussion about that connecting dots or lining up objects do make lines! Ann read "The Line Up Book" by Marisabina Russo with the children. Children were able to recognize what type of lines that the boy made by lining  objects in the story. Children had a chance to use pom-poms, toys, and wooden blocks.

Using wooden blocks to make a diagonal line.
Two parallel pom-pom lines!

We can stack the blocks to make a line as well.

Children were able to grasp the concept that dots make lines. Enxin: "My buttons make a horizontal line!" Children also enjoyed tracing horizontal, zigzag, wavy lines with markers. It was a great chance for the children to practice their fine moter skills.

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