Saturday, 22 September 2012

Garter Snake & Chimera

As many of you might already know, there is an event called Stories Along the Trails taking place in the Pacific Spirit Park this Sunday. The teachers at Creative Minds are also volunteering at this event. Mary gave a sneak peak to the children by telling them a story of two creatures, a common garter snake and a chimera. Children learned about where garter snakes live, what garter snakes eat, and how garter snakes look like.

Having talked about garter snakes that live in the forest, we brought in the concept of curved lines for our art activity this week. Garter snakes have long slithery bodies, generally dark bodied with blue, green, yellow, or white stripes on their backs.

The children made a collage of the forest by ripping construction paper. They created vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, which reviewed the line concepts they learned last week.

The paper collage became the forest--a home for the garter snakes

After the collage, children created snakes using green and yellow paint. By using their fingers and paint brushes, children have experienced curved lines with the movement.

It was very interesting that some children even tried to camouflage their snakes!

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