Sunday, 14 October 2012

Creative shapes

This Friday, we reviewed the shapes we know, triangle, square, circle, and oval. We categorized these shapes into two groups: shapes with points or corners & round shapes without points or corners.
We also made a connection with our environment. Kathryn played "I Spy" game with the children to find some shapes we have in our classroom. The children were very creative; they said their cheeks are like two circles. As well, we can make oval shapes with our mouths!

Children also watched a clip of "Mouse Shapes" story. We all enjoyed the creative pictures the three mice make in the story. Here is the link that Brian tells the story:

Then, children used their creativity like the three mice do in the story to make picture with shapes. We glued triangle, square, circle, and oval to make colourful pictures.

We glue  triangle, square, circle, and oval!

I made a house with a triangle and a square!

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